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Stage Production involves a lot of elements (in theatre – lights, sets, costumes; in weddings – photos, flowers, dinner, dancing) that must come together to create memorable moments.

In the stage production, it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone is orchestrated the way it has been planned and rehearsed at the designated time and style. If situations arise, fix the problems swiftly (and often, creatively.

We are responsible for bringing the collaborative vision of designers and directors to life exactly as they see it, and we possess the aesthetic sensibilities as well as the technical knowledge to make that happen. 

As your Production stage manager, we’ll be using those skills to organize all the details of your wedding. We will be making sure your florist delivers the right number of flowers; that your photographer isn’t missing anything from your shoot list; that the caterer serves dinner on time; and that the DJ plays the right first dance song.  In short, we’ll handle anything that needs attention so that you, your families and guests can simply enjoy your wedding day.

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