Latin Dance

While the history of Latin Dance forms is quite interesting, it is also much widespread across locations. However, the dance forms gathered the community interest and were adopted quickly later.

There are more than 15 forms of Latin Dance. A few popular ones include:

A. Merengue– It is based on “Marching” as both partners switch weight from foot to foot, coordinating with the strong beats of the music.

B. Salsa– Salsa dance is performed in a “slot” and has a lot of turns, spins and crossbody lead moves.

C. Bachata– In this dance both partners move from side to side, incorporating body action and hip action. A key aspect of this dance is that for every 4 counts, there are 3 full side steps (weight changes) and 1 step with no weight change (“tap” the foot).

D. Cha Cha– A key feature of the Cha Cha basic steps is that they usually include Chasse steps (Series of three steps) to the side, forward and back. The Club style Cha Cha is danced in many Latin clubs and the moves used are similar to the ones used in Salsa and Merengue.