Belly Dance

Belly Dance focuses on torso movements and includes a variety of motions. The movements can include fluid movements in continuous motion, as well as percussive movements where the hips move to accentuate beats. Vibrations and shimmies are also part of the movements that make up belly dancing.

At AM Dance Studio, our experienced and sought-after choreographers are well trained and positioned to impart fundamental techniques and rhythms. Teaching and learning Belly Dance can be a tough effort as the people involved must understand the body movements and natural instincts of the learner’s sense of rhythm and timing before beginning with this course.

Belly Dance creates self-confidence. Women learning it often gain a sense of empowerment and self-discovery through artistic self-expression.

Belly Dance practitioners find the dance form to be a great source of exercise and a means of socialization. Belly dancing offers an instant community of friends for women of all ages who find joy in music and movement.